Welcome to the Picket Incremental Authorization Example

💭 What is Incremental Authorization?

The best example of incremental authorization is a Web3 community site. Imagine every NFT has an exclusive community site. Only token holders can access their NFTs' respective communities and content. With an infinite number of possible NFT-based communities, it would be impossible to check if a user has access to every community on the site at once; instead, we want to verify a user's token ownership incrementally.

Picket incremental authorization managing access across different token-gated communities and content simple. With Picket incremental authorization, users log in once and gradually prove token ownership to access various token-gated communities.

Once users prove token ownership, they don't need to be re-authorized until they log out. Picket handles the complexity of caching, refreshing, and validating token balances for a developers.

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🏰 Example Communities

Each card below represents a token gated community. Click on a community card to check if you have access. If you have access, you'll see a success message and your Picket session will be updated to allow you access to that community.